Where: Downtown New Bethlehem, Broad & Wood Street, New Bethlehem, PA 16242 Contact: Gordon Barrows Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Phone: (814) 275-2003 Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Past NB Mayor Timothy Murray started the New Bethlehem Planters project. Mr. & Mrs. Murray are looking to transition the project to a successor(s). Working alongside current NB Mayor Gordon Barrows, the group is seeking volunteers/leadership. Approximately eleven (11) flower planters (2ft w x 3ft L x 3ft H) line the streets of Broad and Wood.

Planters need uncovered planters every spring, added soil, arranged plantings, watered every 2-3 weeks, removed plants in fall, covered planters and removed drain plugs and moved back from highway.

March – Contact RVHS for planter needs, they have a planting schematic the use for these.

April – Contact business owners to see if interested in fertilizing planters for the summer, also see if they have adequate fertilizer for the season.

May – Uncover planters, move to edge of curb, install drain plugs, add soil as needed.  RVHS usually does the planting but we had to find volunteers last year due to COVID. Need to fill planters with water before planting.

June – September – Planters need checked every 2-3 weeks to see if water tanks need refilling.  This is very dependent on the amount of rainfall we receive. I will describe what is involved with this at the end of this document.

October – Remove all plants, remove drain plugs from planters, slide back from curb, cover, and bungee for the winter.


  • The planters hold 40 gallons of water so a pick-up truck will be needed that can haul the water tank and the pump. I have the pump but the tank will need replaced.  These are simply a plastic water tank available most anywhere, Roger should be able to get his hands on one.  Will need to modify the water outlet so you can hook up pump, very basic plumbing knowledge to do this.  I also have the hose for filling the planter tanks.
  • Water is obtained through the spigot inside the borough garage, standard ½ ton pickup can haul about 2/3 tank at a time. Takes about 3 trips to water all, time involved is about 3-4 hours.  This may need done every 2-3 weeks so there is significant time involved here.
  • Use a 3 foot rod to dip into the planter tanks to see if they need water. This is accomplished by opening the fill hole on top and inserting a rod into the tank to see how much water is in the tank.  If low you need to schedule a refill as soon as possible or plants will wilt quickly.
  • Make sure they take a step ladder and long extension cords as they will need to plug into outlets on the poles to run the pump. The fill caps are on the top corner of the planters.  When they are full, the overflow on the bottom side of the planter will overflow thus letting you know they have reached capacity.
  • I find this easier to be done early in the morning or on weekends so as cars are not parked in front of planters making them difficult to get to.

Who is the contact for plants?
A: Kate Gruver – [email protected]. or Barb Sayers – [email protected]. Approximate cost was @$320.00, NB Borough has a budget line item for this as well as soil, fertilizer, etc.

Who is the contact for soil/dirt?
A: Soil and fertilizer came from C&A Trees; this could be obtained at any nursery.

Who maintained/fertilized the planters?
A: We found business owners near the planters to fertilize 1X per week. We supply them the fertilizer and directions every year. Here is the list from last year:

– Police Secretary
– Klingensmith
– Patty at Hagar Law
– Patty Kline in the high rise (said she would not be doing this year)
– Community Center
– Leader Vindicator
– Darla Hinderlighter
– Rachel Truitt
– Valley Advantages
– Alicia Truitt-Kline at RVMA
– Village Pizza
– First United National Bank
These folks would all need to be contacted and see if still interested and if they need fertilizer.

Police Station
Four (4) Corners of Broad & Wood Street
Community Center
Leader Vindicator
Valley Advantages
Village Pizza
First United National Bank

Mr. Murray is available for any additional questions: 814.229.4844 or [email protected]
Mayor Barrows is available for volunteers: 814.275.2003 or [email protected]

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