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If you miss walking on the trail because of the snow depths, not to worry. A volunteer has cleared a walking path of snow on the Redbank Valley Trail between Hawthorn and Mayport and has also cleared the parking areas on both ends. Enjoy! Stay warm! ... See MoreSee Less

This marker is near where the Redbank Valley Trail crosses 28.#FridayFacts Fishbasket Indian Town
A historical marker dedicated to Fishbasket Indian Town was erected in 1997 by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The inscription reads: "Near here, at the mouth of Town Run on Redbank Creek, a Shawnee village stood in the late 18th century. Called "Fishbasket" for these waters' immense schools of fish, it was at the junction of at least two major paths traveled by Native Americans: the Frankstown-Venango and Punxsutawney-Venango Paths. Prehistoric fortified Indian villages, revealed by archaeological investigations, also existed in this locale." The marker is located at the intersection of Brookville Street (Route 28) and Park Road, across from the entrance to Redbank Valley Municipal Park in Clarion County. #pagreatoutdoors #history #pahistory
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This marker is near where the Redbank Valley Trail crosses 28.

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Erected due to the efforts of Kenneth Burkett, field archeologist and ex dir of the Jefferson County History Center. 😊

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This Friday

We are sorry to report that a young lady who had been bitten previously was terrorized on the trail by an unleashed Golden Retriever this morning near the Bostonia/Trail Volunteer/former pallet/tile plant area and Mile 19 of the trail. Dogs MUST BE LEASHED when on the trail to protect trail users and the dogs. Your dog may be your best friend, but to other people it may be just plain terrifying, even if a normally friendly dog. It is important to understand PA Leash Law, that you are responsible for your dog along with any personal injury or property damage caused by your dog. Trail rules, local municipal law and Pennsylvania law require that a dog must always be confined within the premises of the owner, firmly secured by a collar and chain or leash, or must always be under the reasonable control of some person. That was not the case this morning. Please keep your dogs on a leash when on the trail and under control so as not to frighten other trail users and allow the trail to be enjoyed by all. If you wish to report such incidents, please take a photo of the dog and its owner, obtain the owner's name and address if possible, and forward it to [email protected] for appropriate action, including a warning letter or notification of the County Dog Warden for repeated violations. We regret that such action might be needed and it wouldn't be if dogs are kept leashed and under control. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the trail today before the snow arrives tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

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Prayers the woman is ok. As a dog foster and trail advocate it’s terrible that more and moreDog owners feel leash laws DO NOT apply when on rail trails and local parks. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

It is very frightening when bike riding/walking on the trails and we encounter unleashed dogs! We know someone who was seriously injured this past summer by an unleashed dog on the Armstrong trail! There is no excuse for it!!

Good morning,This report is in regards to my Golden Retriever, who is a puppy and is still learning obedience. Yes, he was at that time unleashed, We were practicing with him some obedience training. I want to make it known, we are very thankful and grateful that there was NO bite or attack or contact that occurred to anyone. I’m thankful we were able to leash him. With that being said, I must sincerely apologize to the young lady that was fearful of seeing our pup off leash. I’m thankful we were able to leash him. I assure, we will make certain to leash our pup as to not hurt, frighten or cause anxiety to anyone. We will practice in a closed and controlled area.Apologetically. Blessings to all.

Why would someone ever put their dog in that situation? I am a dog lover and would choose dogs over people most times. But that being said, dogs are animals and you can not predict how an animal will react.

I carry red pepper 🌶 spray and my 9mm when I bike ride. You never know. I'm a dog lover also.

This is an important message so all may be informed. 👍

I think signs should be posted at every trail head.

I'm tired of this happening 😒.

Abby Hunsberger

This is exactly why we don’t walk our dogs on the trails

If I had a dollar for every dog I was approached by with it’s owner running behind it with a leash, I’d be a rich man. “Oh, he won’t hurt you. He might lick you to death. Ha. Ha. Ha.” Yeah, well I don’t care to be licked by your dog that I just saw lick his own ass. Prayers for the injured woman.


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RVTA will be producing a new map for 2022-2023 in the next few weeks. If you have suggestions for corrections or additions, please let us know. Also, if you are a business who wishes to have your ad on the map, please call 724-664-4754 or send an email to [email protected] for more information by January 21st. ... See MoreSee Less

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And kayak launches

Will this one have pavilion locations on it?

TRAIL ALERT. There may be some logging going on on either side of the trail between Baxter (M36.52) and Coder (M.39.28) between now and February 5th. There are no plans for the loggers to be on the trail or within the 66 foot trail corridor but trees may accidentally fall in the direction of the trail. Please exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings if you are biking, hiking or cross country skiing on the trail in the next three weeks. Please report any problems you may see. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

Skating tonight Sat. 11th 6 to 9. Let’s go have fun at the rink! $5.00 admission, includes skates ... See MoreSee Less

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Explore recreational attractions & natural resources in the New Bethlehem area and Redbank Valley community, including the Redbank Valley Trail, Redbank Valley Creek, Redbank Valley Municipal Park and more! The Redbank Valley is a great place to enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, camping etc. See ‘Recreation links‘ on this page.

Redbank Valley Trails Association
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Redbank Valley Municipal Park
137 Park Roud
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Gumtown Memorial Park
Water Street
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Paul’s Pumpkin Patch
175 Marks Ln.
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Redbank Valley Outfitters
123 Camp Road
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Multipurpose Court & Boat Launch
Water Street
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Brick House Bed & Breakfast
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Hunters Moon Lodge Bed & Breakfast
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