THE 8th ANNUAL REDBANK VALLEY DAY OF GIVING WILL BE THURSDAY, May 9TH with a goal of raising at least $30,000 in public donations. These organizations need the public’s support to continue their important missions in the Redbank Valley to improve living standards for all.

Funds raised will benefit the 11 participating 501(c)(3) charitable organizations who, through their dedicated volunteers, are working to improve many aspects of life in the Redbank Valley.  Proceeds help with their missions, with very little, if any, administrative or fundraising costs. The participating organizations are: new this year Leatherwood Academy, and previous participants, Lucky Cats Get’N Fixed, New Bethlehem Fire Company #1, Redbank Renaissance, Redbank Valley Church Association, RV Community Center, RV Education Foundation, RV Historical Society, RV Public Library, RV Trails Association and the Southern Clarion Police Association.

It is hoped that the event will grow in future years to include other area 501(c)3 organizations that were not able to participate this year.

Click the organizations below to view donation information and links.

Leatherwood Academy - Little Bird Primary - New Bethlehem PA

Leatherwood Academy – Little Bird Primary – New Bethlehem PA

Leatherwood Academy is a nonpublic, private school registered with the PA Department of Education for kindergarten through 12th grade.  We are located in the center of New Bethlehem at 363 Broad St.  Established in 2022 by Little Bird Preschool and Leatherwood Church, Leatherwood Academy is a ministry of Leatherwood Church providing alternative educational opportunities to the community.  Our mission is to provide a safe, encouraging, and supportive learning environment which nurtures curiosity, wonder, and lifelong learning while giving back to the community.  For the 2024-25 school year, we will be offering kindergarten through 5th grade. We are currently seeking funds for 3 areas of need: scholarship/benevolence, technology/programming and renovations.  For the upcoming school year, we need 24 tablets and 6 laptops, including software for individual student use.  Over the next year, we plan to renovate the top floor of the building to complete our elementary classrooms.  This floor will include a STEM lab, computer lab and several alternative spaces for large and small group learning.  It will also have a teacher preparation room and storage space for all the seasonal and educational supplies that make learning fun.  To learn more about us, please visit our website at or follow us on You can also call 814-275-3515 to speak to our director, Heather Gourley, and schedule a tour.  We’d love to show you what we have been up to and how our students are thriving.


Lucky Cats Get’N Fixed is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that offers low cost spay/neuter clinics for tame & feral cats in the New Bethlehem, Clarion and surrounding areas.  At these clinics we do TNR – trap, neuter/spay, & return of feral cats to help stop the over population of unwanted animals.  Our vet bills for doing TNR add up very quickly.  By donating and supporting our fundraisers you are helping us reach more people to help control the over-population problem in their area and helping to complete our Mission by educating the public on how to control the cat over-population.

How we got our name:  There are so many feral cats now in the surrounding areas needing help.  These cats have been neglected and left alone to starve, to suffer sickness and injury, to be maimed and/or killed by other animals.  They have been cast aside by owners who didn’t want them anymore, displaced from one overpopulated area to another by people who didn’t want to spend the money to take care of them, didn’t want to pay the vet bill to have them spayed or neutered, didn’t want to spend or didn’t have the money to feed them so they left them to fend for themselves.  Cats can become pregnant at 6 mos. old, so it’s babies having babies out there alone, producing 2 litters a year brings on the population explosion through no fault of their own.  With caring people and volunteers many cats have been trapped, received medical attention, gotten food, and some have been re-homed and adopted.  We call these “The Lucky Cats”.

Lucky Cats FB link: Check our new website for current fundraisers, how the public can help us now, and for cats up for adoption: Donations can be mailed to us at 1074 Shrub Rd., New Bethlehem, Pa 16242 or made through PayPal:



New Bethlehem Fire Company # 1 is a completely volunteer fire company covering approximately 56.5 square miles, including New Bethlehem Borough, Porter Township and parts of Redbank Township, Clarion Co. and South Bethlehem Borough in Armstrong Co. for fire, rescue and emergency response, as well as community service. We have all seen the growth of technology with the use of solar panels and electric vehicles. We have seen more of these items within our area and passing through. These pose a unique challenge when they catch fire. We are looking to purchase a special blanket that is used to assist in putting out these types of fires. The cost is between $1,500 and $2,000 for each item. We are looking to purchase one for the Redbank Valley area. We would like to thank you for your support in this unique purchase. For more information on volunteering or to donate, please visit the website at

Redbank Renaissance formed in 2007 with a multifaceted approach to revitalize our area.  New this year, we are working with Clarion County’s new Main Street initiative with a particular goal of funding more façade improvements in the business district. We hope to raise $5000 to support ongoing efforts which include the Garden Keepers who help plant, maintain and improve the public gardens and to fund façade, signage and bike rack matching grants to help area businesses and promote tourism. A well-maintained business district invites travelers to stop and spend money here in the New Bethlehem/Redbank Valley area. Other efforts include maintaining our 3 welcome signs; promotion of area history with historic markers; business promotion (signage and website), regional Welcome Brochures (print costs); business assistance; community clean ups, Dog-i-Pot stations (more bags needed), and community calendar.  All efforts depend on public donations.  Volunteers are welcomed.  Information:, on Facebook or by calling 814-275-1718.

Redbank Valley Church Association is a para-church organization committed to fostering and supporting religious, charitable and educational pursuits that proclaim, promote, enhance, and further the Kingdom of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Redbank Valley. Its mission includes a food pantry for the Redbank Valley area, a yearly scholarship fund for local high school students, plus annual community church services such as See You at the Pole, a Community Hymn Sing at Gumtown Park, Clarion County Fair Festival of Music, Community Thanksgiving Service, Lenten Services, Easter Sunrise Service, Christmas Festival of Carols, and Baccalaureate Service for the Redbank Valley School District. RVCA also organizes pastors to write articles for The Leader-Vindicator and provide Sunday afternoon services at Edgewood Heights.

The Share in a Dream Scholarship is an opportunity for any senior attending the Redbank Valley School District who is a participating member of a Redbank Valley church and who satisfies the application criteria. The number of scholarships depends on money donated each year. Because of the community’s generosity many deserving young people have been awarded Share in a Dream Scholarships. Staffed by volunteers, the Food Pantry began in 2001 to ensure that Redbank Valley School District students had basic foods to meet their needs so that they would be more likely to succeed in school. The Food Pantry has broadened to provide supplemental food to all qualifying families in the school district. For years numerous families have benefitted monthly. A goal is to raise funds to sustain the food pantry, and provide meat for meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Donations are needed and much appreciated for the Food Pantry and Scholarships. For info.: 814-367-3331 or, [email protected].

Redbank Valley Community Center’s mission is to provide an environment of encouragement, education, and entertainment to meet the needs of our community.  Our immediate need is for funding for roof replacement and repairs to the building. We focus on the physical, spiritual, emotional and developmental well-being of community members of all ages.  First Fridays are back starting the first Friday in May with music on the deck.  We also had the 2nd Deck the Valley contest decorating houses at Christmas time with great participation. Other programs include a weekly senior center, knitters/crocheters group, RV School Children’s Christmas Gift Program that helps families in need, among others. The center offers space for family celebrations, parties, and other special programs and events. Your donations keep our building operating, doors open, and programs and activities happening!  Visit, [email protected] or call 814-457-5033.  The Center is located at 430 Broad St.


Redbank Valley Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education for all students. The Foundation is working to close the achievement gap and ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed in and after their high school years. It provides scholarships, grants, and other resources to help students pay for tuition, books, and other educational expenses. It also supports programs that improve teacher quality and school infrastructure in grades K-12.

Below are the current accounts that are earmarked for donations:

  • General Scholarship (utilized for students and teachers through grants)
  • Musical Fund (used to help with costs associated with school musicals) Musical Instruments Fund (used to purchase instruments for the school) General Fund (utilized for immediate needs in any area)
  • Shop Fund (used to purchase new machinery)
  • Fund for the Trades (used for scholarships and supplies for career center students)
  • Fund for Arts (supplements art at the Intermediate School)
  • Robotics Fund (to support growth in the area of STEM education)

For more information visit: To make a donation:    (Type Redbank in the search bar to choose a fund).

Redbank Valley Historical Society - New Bethlehem PA

Redbank Valley Historical Society Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Redbank Valley.  2024 Programs are May 13 – Civil War program – Medicine, Music & Song with displays from the Battle of the Wilderness (May 5-7, 1864), June 17 – Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act. Indian Archaeology Program, July 8 – “Do You Know What This Is?” a sharing of unusual mystery items, August 12 – Local schools of the past, Hawthorn, New Bethlehem & Porter, September – Quilt Show during the Peanut Butter Festival, October 14 – Past local businesses Town Tour & November 11 – Past prominent citizens of Redbank Valley buried in local cemeteries. Monthly programs are at 6:30 pm at the History Center, 301 Broad St., New Bethlehem. Our genealogy center is open by appointment to research family history and archived memorabilia about the area.

This past year, the clock tower repairs continued with wood and roof replacement. More work on the brick façade and building are needed and the society will be researching grant opportunities to address work that needs done. Recent repairs were made possible by generous donations from businesses through the Neighborhood Assistance Program. We received many donated artifacts of the Valley over the last year that are on display. Please consider donating to the preservation of this historic building, restoring the clock tower and the saving of our heritage. For more information on how you can volunteer or on ways to financially support our mission contact [email protected] or go to our website at We are located at 301 Broad St., New Bethlehem, mailing address: PO Box 74, New Bethlehem, PA 16242. The Society will be open 11-4 on May 9th to accept donations.

Redbank Valley Public Library provides people with the tools to solve problems, resources to meet needs, and services to help our community. Whether it is sending a fax, obtaining a passport, having copies made, attending a preschool early literacy program, utilizing the computers, having an exam proctored, teens socializing after school, adults coming together for book club, crafts and learning opportunities for all ages, homeschooling families finding no-cost materials to aid schooling, or just enjoying new books by favorite authors, the library has become a place of support, learning, and fun for all ages!

Our 2024 Challenge: If each person in our service area would donate $10, our overall operating budget would be covered for the year and our focus geared entirely toward providing for our community. Imagine the world of opportunity that could open for all of us! Your donation helps us respond to community needs and remain a life-giving organization. For more information, please visit or call 814-275-2870.  The library is located at 720 Broad St. and will serve as a Donation Location for the Day of Giving from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Redbank Valley Trails Association, an all-volunteer organization that does not receive regular government funding and relies on public donations and grants to maintain and improve the 51-mile non-motorized, 4-season Redbank Valley Trails, from the Allegheny River to Brookville and the 9-mile Sligo Spur. We hope to raise money to refresh the crushed limestone surface and maintain the trail given the major increases in fuel and material costs. We continue to work to improve signage and parking areas, provide more port-o-johns, add historic markers and continue our constant maintenance and improvement efforts. Donations provide fuel, equipment and material to help volunteers improve and maintain the trails for the community to enjoy and benefit from the recreation, relaxation and fitness opportunities the trail presents.  Tourism dollars from those who visit are helping new and existing local businesses grow. Donations can be made online via the website and can be used as gifts or to name bridges, shelters, picnic tables and other amenities.  Donations of time, equipment and materials are welcomed. Info.:, [email protected], FB, 814-275-1718, 419 Arch St.

Building bridges between people and the police.  Providing non – government funding for improved police technology.  The Community supporting community policing.

SCPA is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to “direct from community funding” for support and technologies that may be beyond the ability of our municipal governments to provide through tax dollars.  Our 501(c)(3) status enables us to raise money and access grants that local governments cannot.  Our immediate fundraising goals are to purchase new and upgraded digital equipment and technology, first aid kits ($300) and AEDs ($1934 each) for each car and provide a scholarship to a student pursuing higher education in police work.  Longer term goals are to establish and maintain a K-9 Unit for the Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department and replace aging vehicles. Over the last several years, with help from our donors, we awarded several $500 scholarships and have been helping to pay for 2 police vehicles. We have several community fundraising events planned for the coming months: Annual “Cops an’ Bobbers” Kids Fishing Derby, now merged with Fish for Fun in Rimersburg (May 5), cornhole tournaments, 3rd annual Communities Festival and Car Show (formerly Cookie Days) in Rimersburg (Aug. 10-11) and our annual Brady’s Cup basketball tournament in January. We hold a monthly 50/50 raffle and are planning a larger grill, meat and gas card raffle for later in the year.  See any of the SCCRPD officers or visit our website or Facebook for event dates/times etc.  Please drop donations off at the Southern Clarion County Regional Police Department, mail to:  Southern Clarion Police Association, 220 Broad St., New Bethlehem, PA 16242, 814-275-1180, [email protected] or drop donations off at a Donation Location.

DONATION LOCATIONS: More information and links to each organization’s website and donation page can be found at Contact any of the organizations or 814-275-1718 for more information. All donations stay local. Together, with your support, we can make a real difference and improve life in the Redbank Valley. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent the law allows and can be mailed or dropped off to the organization or at the Donation Locations in the week leading up to May 9th as follows:

  • Redbank Valley Public Library (720 Broad St.) New Bethlehem (9 AM to 5:30 PM on May 9th)
  • New Bethlehem Town Center (419 Arch St.) New Bethlehem (9 AM to 5 PM on May 9th)
  • directly to the organization or via online donations on each of the organization’s websites. (Please note that online donations through some website donation programs will deduct a processing fee.)

Contact any of the organizations or 814-275-1718 for more information. All donations stay local. Together, with
your support, we can make a real difference and improve life in Redbank Valley.


‘Download & Share’ our Day of Giving Flyer to hang in your business or church by clicking the flyer below. Thank you for your support!