Landers achieves Eagle Scout rank

NEW BETHLEHEM, Pa. (RVO) – Daniel Landers of the New Bethlehem Boy Scout Troop 403 recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Landers joins fellow Eagle Scouts Tyler Ortz and Garret Garmong.

Daniel Landers – Eagle Scout – New Bethlehem Boy Scouts Troop 403 (Photo courtesy of Troop 403 Facebook page)

Daniel Landers joined Cub Scouts in first grade after his friend Tyler Ortz invited him to join. Daniel’s father, Dan, was a Scout in his youth. Dan made it all the way to the rank of Star. He always speaks highly of his experiences and encouraged Daniel to give it a try.

Daniel’s father has been involved with Scouts as a leader for about six years. He served as Scoutmaster for about two of those years. Daniel’s mother, Kristen, has also been involved with Scouting as a parent since day one, but became a registered volunteer about six years ago.

“Being involved with Scouting has been very rewarding for Dan and I. We have gotten to share the experience with our son and his friends. We have three children and we have always wanted each of them to have something they would call their own. Scouting has been that for Daniel. We have truly appreciated the opportunity to work with many great leaders over the years. Each of them has brought something special to the table for these boys.”

Daniel credits his determination and perseverance for allowing him to achieve the Eagle rank; “I really decided to work on Eagle one night when I was watching a Discovery or History-like channel. I was watching a program about the Boy Scout program and when they got to the rank of Eagle they had Eagle Scouts explaining their journey, the troubles, the hardships. But the reward of it all. I noticed myself smiling and thinking “I am gonna do that!” at that time it wasn’t an option, but I was going to be an Eagle. I liked the challenges. I liked knowing that very few Boy Scouts become Eagles. So I buckled down put my shoulder up and did it!

Daniel recently completed his Eagle Scout project where he designed, secured the funding for and facilitated the building of two raised bed gardens outside of the Redbank Valley High School Greenhouse. The raised bed gardens are permanent structures, constructed of stone (see slideshow below).

Eagle Scouts Daniel Landers, Tyler Ortz, & Garret Garmong

For those interested in becoming an Eagle Scout, it takes years of work and dedication. A boy scout can achieve the Eagle rank, if he sets his mind to it and leans on the support of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization. A boy earning the rank of ‘Eagle Scout’ must satisfy the requirements before their 18th birthday as well as work through the ranks for Scouting which include; Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and finally Eagle.

At each rank, the young man has requirements to meet before moving onto the next. Some of the requirements are tent camping, earning merit badges, holding leadership roles within the troop, and community service hours. Before moving on to the next rank, the young man must pass a Board of Review which involves an interview with a panel of adults who are leaders in scouting and the local community. For more information, please visit:

Daniel encourages other young men to consider joining Scouts and pursuing Eagle; “I think any boy who wants to become an Eagle Scout should start young in the scouting program. It is a great organization that teaches boys to become men, and prepare them for the future. The skills that I’ve learned in scouts help me everyday. Scouts will prepare you for the future, letting you get a foot in the door with trying many different skills from automotive mechanics to gardening and first aid to hiking and camping.”

Daniel’s future plans include joining one of the armed forces as well as attending technical school for diesel mechanics. Daniel’s dream is to eventually own his own farm.

Dan and Kristen also encourage other parents to get involved in Scouting; “Boy Scouts of America is a wonderfully structured program that provides a wide variety of opportunities for boys. There is no reason to be hesitant to become a volunteer or even a leader. The support systems that are in place for leaders are there to help you succeed in providing local boys with a safe and exciting experience.

Boy Scouts Troop 403 meets Tuesdays @ 7pm at New Bethlehem Presbyterian Church at 403 Penn Street in New Bethlehem PA. To join Boy Scouts or Volunteer, please visit: