Redbank Renaissance
December 27, 2017
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One or more students could work with a group of people on “Christmas in April” projects.  (Student would coordinate with churches and Redbank Renaissance to find residents in need of assistance in maintaining their homes. 

Then organize a group of people to work one or two weekends on one house to provide improvements, such as repairing plumbing, painting, cleaning, landscaping.)  This would be similar to a Habitat for Humanity Project, but not as involved.

Local contractors could be invited to help and would be paired with a student to teach the student how to do various projects.

To learn more about Redbank Renaissance, please visit their website:

*This volunteer opportunity is presented by Redbank Renaissance, Inc. If you need assistance or have questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Sandy Mateer at 275-1718 or Gordon Barrows at 275-6714.

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